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    Hudson County Hunger Project oin hands with us in helping to ensure that the most vulnerable citizens among us are secure in their food supply through this troubled time. Cause Percentage...
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  • Featured Causes
    Hospitals are in dire need of masks and face shields for doctors and nurses, as standard issue N95 masks and face shields are unable to ship. Without masks and face shields,...
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GivDapps was founded to increase the transparency in the non profit donation space.  By allowing donors to see the needs and hear the story behind those needs we increase your ability to feel the impact your contribution makes to those in need.

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We depend on the help of our local non profit organizations not only to provide the causes that we feature on our platform but most importantly to vet these causes.  When donors view causes they can also see the non profit that is sponsoring that cause.  This allows donors to select causes to fund from sponsor organizations that they trust and who’s values align with their own beliefs. 

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