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Ignite U Pitch Day

Following successful completion of the Blackstone Launch Pad program at the University at Albany we joined the IgniteU New York incubator program in Troy.  We spent the summer learning from seasoned entrepneurs who helped us to refine the GivDapps platform and develop a plan to utilize the funding we received from Blackstone.  This experience culminated with a presentation at Start Up Tech Valley where we had the opportunity to share our vision for what the platform would eventually become with the Capital Region community.  

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See the Need

Browse a list of specific needs of tangible items within your community.

Hear The Story

Learn more about the specific needs and how these items will improve life for your neighbors. 

Feel Your Impact

Give with confidence, knowing the specific impact you are making on a fellow humans life.

Giving Back Together

Since 2015 GivDapps has been connecting those with a desire to donate to those members of our communities with specific material needs. Together we can make the greatest impact.

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Meet The Team

Adam Macdonald
Organization Founder

The idea for GivDapps originated from Adam’s experience as a mentor with the “Big Brothers Big Sisters” chapter in Albany, NY. Seeing the simple items that children in the program sometimes lacked sparked the idea for a non-profit organization dedicated to more transparently connecting donors to those in need.

Luke Beemer
Organization Founder

A firm believer in the power of communities, Luke has been involved in service projects throughout his life. He jumped at the opportunity to leverage technology to develop a more transparent platform for encouraging community centric giving.

Emily Beyer
Community Outreach Coordinator

As a mental health councilor for a community based service provider in Manhattan, Emily has devoted her career to helping the most vulnerable members of our society. Emily joined the team while GivDapps was still in the early stages of development and has been a constant source of valuable feedback in defining the long term direction of the organization.

The GivDapps Way

See The Need.

Hear The Story.

Feel Your Impact.

Browse a variety of causes from sponsor organizations in your own community or anywhere else that GivDapps operates.

Learn more about the specific needs of your neighbors. Find a cause that you believe in and donate confidently knowing exactly how your contribution is helping those in need.

Follow along with the causes you contribute to and know when the campaign is completed. When possible we will share photos and other updates so you can reflect on the impact that you have made. Please understand that for privacy reasons this is not always possible.

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