Partner With GivDapps

We need you.

Who do we work with?

Our donation model relies on strategic partnerships with local non-profit organizations.  These are the people who are on the front lines, so to speak, and they know the needs of their communities the best.

Why is this important?

We depend on the help of our local non profit organizations not only to provide the causes that we feature on our platform but most importantly to vet these causes.  When donors view causes they can also see the non profit that is sponsoring that cause.  This allows donors to select causes to fund from sponsor organizations that they trust and who’s values align with their own beliefs. 

How it works

See The Need.

Hear The Story.

Feel Your Impact.

Browse a variety of causes from sponsor organizations in your own community or anywhere else that GivDapps operates.

Learn more about the specific needs of your neighbors. Find a cause that you believe in and donate confidently knowing exactly how your contribution is helping those in need.

Follow along with the causes you contribute to and know when the campaign is completed. When possible we will share photos and other updates so you can reflect on the impact that you have made. Please understand that for privacy reasons this is not always possible.

Words From Children

How To Apply?

Step 1: Non-Profit Partner Identifies Need

One of our partners identifies a need among the individuals that they work with.  They communicate with that individual regarding the opportunity to utilize the GivDapps platform to meet the individuals need.

Step 2: Non-Profit Partner Refers Cause to GivDapps

Using a simple submission form our non-profit partners notify us of the need that they have identified and received permission to post on the GivDapps platform.  Using the supplied information we post the cause.

Step 3: Community has Opportunity to Fund

The cause will be posted on the GivDapps platform for one month or until funded, whichever comes first.  In the unfortunate circumstance that the cause is not fully funded, the funds will be returned to the original donors.  Alternatively, when donating you may optionally select to contribute funds from uncompleted campaigns to a community fund.  The community fund will be used to complete campaigns that are more than %90 funded after the one month limit.

Step 4: Delivery

After receiving funds from our payment processor (paypal or stripe) GivDapps will coordinate purchase and delivery of the tangible item directly to the individual in need.  In the unique cases when this is not possible we will deliver the item to the sponsoring non-profit organization.