We believe in the power of community.

See The Need

Review a variety of featured causes either from within your own community or anywhere else that GivDapps operates.  We believe in the power of communities to enact change from within.

Hear the Story

Learn more about the specific way that your donation will help individuals and families in need.  We believe that the ability for a donor to understand specifically how their contribution is helping is key part of the process.



Feel Your Impact

Follow along with the causes you help fund and when possible hear from those who you helped.  Stay connected with your community and continue to contribute!

The GivDapps Way

What makes our approach unique?

GivDapps believes that change in the world starts with change in our communities.  By providing a variety of causes we help you drive that change.

Join the Movement!

Direct Connection

We connect you directly with those in need.  We operate entirely from at will donations, your entire donation less payment processing costs will be applied to the cause of your choice.


Our network of non profit partners sponsor the causes that we feature.  These are the organizations that you know and trust, so you can be secure in knowing you are donating to a reliable cause.

Tangible Items

Every dollar you give will go directly to obtaining and delivering a tangible good that is needed.  We will never use your donation towards a cause for our operating costs and we will never raise money for an undefined cause.

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How we help

See The Need

See The Need

Feel Your Impact

Feel Your Impact

Hear The Story

Hear The Story

In this Together!

In this together!

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